Steel Office Furniture

Office Furniture Wholesalers offer a wide range of steel office furniture. Steel office furniture is still the most popular choice within the industrial warehousing industry, due to its durability. Steel office furniture is split into three categories:

  • Steel office furniture desks - The Desking range is a very robust and sturdy office setup. This allows for your high traffic areas and work surface tops, that take a lot punishment. Designed to be used in any warehouse environment, practical but also functional.
  • Steel office furniture storage cabinets - Our primary focus is on the storage cabinets. Under the steel office furniture range, steel cabinets are most common and have various solutions to meet the clients needs. Steel Office Cabinets two most popular items are: 1800mmH Stationery Cabinet (2 Hinged Doors) & the 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet (For Hanging Files).
  • Steel office furniture hi-density cabinets - This category is for all companies that store a lot of records. Hi-Density cabinets are made to order and to suit any and every client’s needs. Hi-Density cabinets are ideal for storing all sorts of archives on site premises.